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Swimming in your own backyard pool is both great exercise as well as a relaxing way to spend leisure time for you, family members and friends. But over time, the aging process as well as exposure to ground water and assorted chemicals causes the surface of your swimming pool to develop cracks, holes and discoloration.

Our Fort Worth swimming pool resurfacing service can extend the lifespan of your pool and save you money through more efficient pool operation.


Simply painting the pool surface is not an adequate option because it quickly peels off and needs another treatment. Our high quality swimming pool resurfacing involves the expert application of composite materials to every inch of the pool’s surface. Not only does our resurfacing material resist the growth of algae and showing stains and discoloration, it offers swimming pool owners many additional benefits.

One of the benefits to hiring Knock Out Pools LLC to handle your swimming pool resurfacing is that our process helps to reduce the transfer of heat in the water into the ground, helping to increase your pool water temperature by a comfortable average of at least 10 degrees. This not only makes your swim experience more enjoyable, it also saves you considerable money on the cost of heating your pool.

Another money-saving feature of getting a professional swimming pool resurfacing service from us is that it saves you money on the chemicals you need to keep your pool water sparkling clean. It’s common after a pool resurfacing project to notice as much as a 50 percent decrease in chemical usage over one year’s time. Now swimmers who are sensitive to certain chemicals can enjoy the pool again because the water is no longer a toxic chemical soup. Not only will you save money on chemical treatments, you will help to eliminate one of the most frustrating problems facing pool owners, the constant build-up of unwanted algae.

Our swimming pool resurfacing service also cuts down on the number of injuries that occur when swimmers scrape their legs, elbows, arms and knees against deteriorating pool surfaces. The surfacing composite we apply is clean, smooth and non-porous.

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